Monday, October 25, 2010


Well here I am standing in the doorway of something new, old, different, the same, anxious, nervous, excited and maybe a little scared. As many of you probably already know I have left the Red Hen to return to the Clifton Inn as Executive Chef. The Hen like all my other experiences has taught me many things about myself, others and this business. I will miss those I worked with and for but ultimately it was time to move on and in this instance back. Back to the Clifton where I worked 5 years ago as Executive Sous Chef I am very excited to be back at such a great property and hope to expand upon what Dean and his team have done thus far.


Doe said...

I wish I could be your doorman. I know you will do well.

alex jr. said...

You lead an amazing life T - full of the good stuff. Congratulations on your new job! and kudos for learning, living, and growing with integrity. You are my hero.

Suzy said...

You lead a life full of the good stuff T - thank you for being such a special part of mine. Congratulations on the new job! and kudos on living, and learning with integrity. you are my hero.