Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One of my favorite books from the new season is Vetri. Not only is he from Philly but he also has a great pasta recipe. The kids and I took it for a spin with some leftover turkey and homemade ricotta. The chocolate risotto is killer also.


Everyone knows how great Benton's bacon is but this is how great giving Benton's bacon and a couple of Jap Saws to your wife for her birthday is: ( if you don't know what a Jap Saw is it cuts on the pull stroke instead of the push so the blade is super thin, I thought it was the souffle pump of the contractor world)

Four year old on Benton's

Two year old on Benton's

Wife just before she kills me for giving her bacon and saws for her birthday and oh yeah posting this picture. Not shown six year old on Benton's just too scary.