Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hill and holler bell air farm dinner menu

Smoked rappahanock river oysters on a half shell with apple, celery root kraut, crispy cabbage

Crispy surryano ham with Appalachian cheese, pale ale mustard caramel and fennel

Foccacia cruton with bacon flavored tofu(no actual bacon will be harmed in the production of this tofu), black cocoa, sherry vinegar and winter vegetable crudite

First course

Winter vegetable "risotto" with garden green pesto. there will be more to this waiting to hear what will be available to me.

Second course

Slow roasted bell air farm pork shoulder with whole roasted savoy cabbage, stone ground wades mill grits, rutabaga mustarda

Third course

Sorghum poached albermarle pippin apples with steadfast farm wheat berry porridge and rosemary