Monday, June 1, 2015

June 14th VA Summer DInner

with Micah Lemon and Leah Peeks


VA Summer
June 14th
Whiskey Jar 

Welcome Cocktail
Strawberry, Arugula, Gin

Watermelon Margarita
Chilled Charred Cucumber Soup, Red Onion, Jumbo Lump Crab, Basil

Herbal Aqua Fresca Cocktail
Baby Lettuces, Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Herb Ranch

Peach Bourbon Sour
Summer Picnic Platter: Black Truffle Hot Dog on English Muffin Bun, Peach Mustard, Fermented Ramps
Buffalo Creek Hamburger on Pretzel Bun, Cured Foie Gras, Pickled Onions, Baby Kale
Picnic Sides

Fresh Berries, Black Pepper Shortcake, Rose, Vanilla Chantilly

Sweet Snacks

45 for Food Tax and Gratuity not Included
35 for Booze Tax and Gratuity not Included

Monday, May 4, 2015

Graduation Weekend Dinners @ Grit Crozet with Grace Estates Winery


 May 15th, 16th and 17th

Chilled Leek and Potato Soup, Smoked Tofu, Black Truffle

Grace Estates 2013 Chardonnay

Jumbo Lump Crab, Radishes, Green Apple, Pea Jus, Mint

Grace Estates 2013 Vidal Blanc

Duck Confit, Marinated Carrots, Sprouted Lentils, Almond Milk

Grace Estates 2012 Merlot

Herb Roasted Beef Ribeye, Smashed Potatoes, Oyster Mushrooms, Chimichurri

Grace Estates 2012 Tannat

Fresh Berries, Basil Genoise, Champagne Sabayon, Chia Seeds

 55 Dollars

Beverage Pairing
 30 Dollars

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 24th, 25th and 26th

Menu for April 24th, 25th and 26th

One seating 7pm

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Egg, Smoked Tea, Spring Salad, Clarified Whey, Crispy Chicken Skin
Zapaian Sidra Natural "Errekalde"

Sourdough Bread and Cultured Butter

Trout, Chervil, Brown Butter, Charred Lemon  
Lo-Fi 2014 Santa Ynez Riesling

Pork Soup Dumpling, Collard Greens, Shellfish Dashi
Domaine Rolet 2012 Cotes du Jura

Grilled Beef Shortrib, Spring Onion, Roasted Asparagus, Black Garlic Jus
Jordi Llorens 2013 VdM Rouge "Blankaforti

Milk and Honey

Beverage Pairing From Williams Corner Wine 
Dinner Ticket Price 75 Dollars Includes 4% Meals Tax, 5.3% Sales Tax and 20% Gratuity
Beverage Pairing Price 35 Dollars Includes 4% Meals Tax, 5.3% Sales Tax and 20% Gratuity (coming soon)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dinner at L'etoile March 27th and 28th

Please Reserve today Email

One seating each night 7pm

Turnips, Apple, Pork Skin, Caviar Butter

Handmade Penne. Carrot Bolognese, Aged Cheese

Seared Snapper, Stone Ground Oats, Wild Greens, Green Garlic

Grilled Goat Loin, Chimichurri, Crushed Potatoes, Mustard Greens

Steamed Cheesecake, Last Years Peaches, Vinegar, Crispy Brioche

60 Dollars Per Person
35 Dollar Beverage Pairing TBD
Tax and Gratuity not Included

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dinner at L'etoile March 21st & 22nd

One Limited Seating each night at 7pm

Email for reservations

Wilted Chicories, Salt roasted Beets, Esmontonian Cheese, Maple Vinagrette, Peanuts

Jean Vesselle, Oeil de Perdrix

Sprouted Grain Porridge, Smoked Almond Milk, Charred Cabbage Jus, Sorrel

Bread and Butter

Leffe, Blond-Blond, Abbey Ale

Steamed Black Bass, Cauliflower, Crispy Maitake, Preserved Lemon

2007 Daniel et Martine Barraud, Pouilly-Fuisse, Les Vercheres

Buffalo Creek Ribeye, Buttered Spinach, Roasted Onions, Whole Wheat Cous Cous, Braised Beef Jus

Manoir de la Tete Rouge, Bagatelle, Saumur

Milk Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Meringue, Salted Caramel

Dinner 55 Dollars
Beverage Pairing 35 Dollars
Not including Tax and Gratuity