Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Radiance Teahouse

Homemede Pork Dumplings and Colleen's Thai Tea
Eight Treasures Tea one of the best parts of this tea is you can eat everything after it steeps.

Some customers from the Hen had suggested that we checkout Radiance Tea House while we were in New York and while Shackshake seemed to be weighing me down I figured some tea and dumplings would get me ready for our dinner at degustation in about an hour. I was right:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shack Shake

It being all the rage now we had to checkout Shake Shack. After our first stroll through the ramble we found our selves very closed to the Columbus Ave Shack Shake. It wasn't until later that I realized it may have been too early for a Burger, fries, Fair Shake and a Shackmeister, it was worth it. But that gave us an excuse to go to Radiance tea house. Also this is the only photographic evidence that I spent the whole time we were in new york on my phone.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Crispy Cod with Sherry Vin, "Ham and Cheese " Croquette and Quail egg Torta

Two Crudos can't remember exactly which was which.

Sunchoke Panna cotta with sea urchin apple and chile
Fall Vegetable Salad
Sardine with fried egg

Soft Scrambled egg with Brioche, Lamb Bacon
Pork Roulade with Apples and Smoked Jus
One of three Mains for us to share. Rabbit Brussels, Chantrelles and Parsnips
Second Main Squab with Rice
Tempura sweetbreads
Waguya with Foiegras Mushrooms and beef broth
Fizzy Grape Jelly with peanuts
Brioche Bread Pudding?(amazing)
Chocolate Bananna Pudding

Wesely and crew in a dream kitchen/restaurant

We had one last stop at Tabla on our way out no pics unfortunatley we were starting to get a little worn out. Amazing oxtail that we finished waiting for the plane.


Gyokuro Tea. I'll be honest I had no idea what to expect when we stepped into Katjitsu for the evening. All I knew was that it was a Michelin two star vegan Japanese Restaurant. I ordered the Gyokuro Tea and was almost immediately ready for something out of this world. I was not disappointed.

Here's the thing everything seemed so simple but once you started to eat you realized there was a lot more going on then just the title of the dish. The amuse bouche Grilled eggplant with grated Vegetables and hibiscus leaf

Fall Mushroom Soup with Sudachi
Persimmon, turnip salad. Fennel with sesame marinated tofu and Black Truffle. Pasta stuffed with rice and hearts of palm puree.
House made Soba Noddles with Nori, Ginger and Spinach. This was unbelievably rich and I think it was at this point where Colleen was beginning to become full.
This was a dish I saw on the menu in advance and was looking forward to Tempura Kaboucha Squash Vegetables and shitso pepper sauce
Next was a stunning rice dished served with house made pickles and red miso.
Not pictured is Dessert a sweet potato puree wrapped in a crepe, bearing the restaurant logo, with a fried piece of sweet potato skin lacquered with maple syrup

And finnally candies from Kyoto and Matcha Green tea.

Extra special thanks to Beth, Kristen, Jenn and Brian for pickin up the tab. I am going to miss you guys.


Well here I am standing in the doorway of something new, old, different, the same, anxious, nervous, excited and maybe a little scared. As many of you probably already know I have left the Red Hen to return to the Clifton Inn as Executive Chef. The Hen like all my other experiences has taught me many things about myself, others and this business. I will miss those I worked with and for but ultimately it was time to move on and in this instance back. Back to the Clifton where I worked 5 years ago as Executive Sous Chef I am very excited to be back at such a great property and hope to expand upon what Dean and his team have done thus far.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Foggy Ridge Cider

Breakfast Radish with Butternut Seed Butter(saw these radishes out at Stonehouse on Monday and I had to have them)
Beets, Lusk, Parsley and Apple
Serious Cider

Shrimp ala Fredy Girardet Curry, Jalapeno, Apples and Arugula(another reason to visit your local farmers)
Sweet Stayman
Pork Belly, Parsnips, Kale and BBQ Veil
First Fruit
Not Pictured: Honey Poached Apples with Yeast and Bourbon
Pippin Gold
Thanks to Diane from Foggy Ridge it was a pleasure having her at the Hen to talk about her great Ciders.