Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chef in the Garden Dinner Monday July 29th

Chef in the Garden Dinner
Joe Sparatta, Jason Alley and Tim Bereika
Autumn Olive Farm

Autumn Olive Farms Charcuterie
House pickles, beer mustard

 chow-chow, toast

Pork Liver Pate with Stone Fruit
 Capers and Herbs

VA Little Neck Clams Escabeche with
Puffed Sorghum
Green Coriander and Summer Melon

Pork Skin Noodles with VA Peanuts
 Pickled Chilies and Herbs

Goat sausage vindaloo with
blueberry pickled cipollini,
smoked almonds, olives and goat yogurt

Smokey Cheerwine braised pork Butt and arm with
 fat back braised "shelly" beans
 and house cured BLT salad

Fig Leaf Custard with Frozen Wine Berries
 Rose Vinegar and Maderia

Vanilla bean cheesecake with
local blackberries

 lemon verbena, ossabaw lardo sable