Friday, March 4, 2011


At 9 oclock the same evening as dinig at AOC and Herman we dined at Geranium. At this point I was fearing for the saftey of my bank account since I still couldn't work out just how much money I had spent at Lunch or my first dinner. I was definitly getting quite tired but there was food to eat so we managed to muster enough energy and stomach compacity to have yet another amazing meal.

As with most of our meals in Copenhaggen it began with snacks and bubbly this time in a small lounge with a wonderful view and a small fire.

Carrot and Seabuckthorn

Beetroot and Apple vinegar
Also not pictured sea salt cheese twigs with ransom dip
Then it was to our table where I selected the Green or Vegetable menu
Cucumber Dill and Yogurt


Celery and Celeriac rye and sour apples

A similiar bread as we were served at Herman. I preferred Hermans version as it was warmer and goeeyer

Jerusalem Artichoke, Leeks, Hazelnut and verbena

Wild and Pickled Mushrooms and Chestnuts

BluecornFlower, Rosehips and Rosehip vinegar

Foamy Apple Juice

The Greatest Beer Dessert Ever

Elderflower Beer, Preserved Elderflowers and tastes of licorice

Wood Sorrel and Woodruff

After dinner we were given a tour of the kitchen which included a view down onto the national soccer stadium. And of course two bocuse dor statues that are now a set of triplets. This day that seemed to last for ever was an amazing culinary experience.