Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Lost Art

Over the past couple weeks I have been reminded of something that I temporarily forgot. I saw it at McCrady's in the way they tended their farm and were so focused on providing a great guest experience. I saw it from my mother who for at least an hour tweaked and fiddled with the graphics for our menu. I saw it in of all places at the dentist while my daughter got some cavities filled. What it was is craftsmanship and in the world today it seems to have gone the way of the bounce pass, it has become a lost art, everything has turned into how can we do it faster and cheaper instead of taking the time to get it done right and using the best possible product when you can. I think that there are still many craftsmen and women out there but it is increasingly being passed over as a necessary part of the work place.


Mike said...

Sad and true. Eventually our culture will find out the hard way, that you cant eat money.

-E- said...

I agree, chef. There are things that seem to have lost value in the world today. A few come to mind quickly...integrity, patience, loyalty, self-respect, respect for others, the US dollar.

They say things go in cycles, so may the rise of the craftsman chef come soon. Cheers!