Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lacroix @ The Rittenhouse

Amuse: Salmon Belly and Pistachio Puree

Hiramasa with Melon Sorbet, Arugula

Charred Octopus with Smoked Balsamic, Pepperoni, Ricotta and Black Olive

Scallops with Grits, Passionfruit, Fava Beans and Black Garlic

Zuchini with Gooseberries, Coconut and Horseradish

Foie Gras with Kiwi, Almond Milk, Cumin

Braised Pork with Corn, Huitalecoche and Peach

Lamb, Hearts of Palm, Peas, Peanut and Porcini Puffs

Pear Sorbet, Peaches, verbena

Chocolate, Cherries, Coconut

My wife and I returned to Lacroix after five years. Previously we had eaten in the kitchen at the chef's table and had an unbelievable experience. We decided to dine in the dining room this time around and had a very good meal with some really fantastic dishes and somethings that I remebe from my previous meal missing. The Hiramasa and Octopus were out of this world. We enjoyed a half bottle of champagne and a nice bottle of Amarone both at half price, a special they are running on Sundays and Mondays. As far as the dissapointments I guess I was suprised by the service it wasn't bad by any strech but they did things that you wouldn't imagine seeing at a restaurant of this caliber i.e. setting the dining room for breakfast at 9:00 while you still have tables and are open for dinner until 10:00, also we weren't really sure who our server was so it made it a little difficult when someone droped our check befroe I had gotten some cheese and an esspresso. Another suprise was the fact that they seemed to no longer give out petit fours or truffles at the end of the meal something that I remember being a source of pride for our server at our previous meal. I hope to go to Lacroix again someday and I will probably eat in the kitchen, but it will not be my first choice next time I am in Philadelphia.

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