Friday, February 1, 2013

March 19th 2013

Very excited to be doing a dinner with a very unique wine maker. Amazing wines!! Can't wait!

Rouge Bleu

Carrot Bolgonese with Thyme and Preserved Lemon Pasta

Domaine Rouge-Bleu VdP de la Mediterranee Rouge "Dentelle" 2010

Cured and Smoked Tuna with Black Olive, Arugula and Egg Yolk

Domaine Rouge-Bleu Cotes-du-Rhone Rouge "Mistral" 2010

Duck with Beets, Black Licorice and Toasted Oats

Rouge-Bleu/Ciro Biondi Etna Rosso "Rosso Azzurro" 2010

Chocolate with Parsnips, Anise and Crispy Milk

Domaine Rouge-Bleu VdF Rouge "Lunatique" (100% Grenache) 2010

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