Monday, October 25, 2010


Crispy Cod with Sherry Vin, "Ham and Cheese " Croquette and Quail egg Torta

Two Crudos can't remember exactly which was which.

Sunchoke Panna cotta with sea urchin apple and chile
Fall Vegetable Salad
Sardine with fried egg

Soft Scrambled egg with Brioche, Lamb Bacon
Pork Roulade with Apples and Smoked Jus
One of three Mains for us to share. Rabbit Brussels, Chantrelles and Parsnips
Second Main Squab with Rice
Tempura sweetbreads
Waguya with Foiegras Mushrooms and beef broth
Fizzy Grape Jelly with peanuts
Brioche Bread Pudding?(amazing)
Chocolate Bananna Pudding

Wesely and crew in a dream kitchen/restaurant

We had one last stop at Tabla on our way out no pics unfortunatley we were starting to get a little worn out. Amazing oxtail that we finished waiting for the plane.

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